Founder is the brainchild of Sanjeev Bansal CA, who founded the parent company Spaces N Beyond India Pvt Ltd in 2010. A highly accomplished professional, Sanjeev worked in corporate roles in Star TV, UTV and Group M before embarking on his entrepreneurial journey.

Parent Company: Spaces N Beyond India Pvt Ltd

Over the past decade, Spaces N Beyond has created a brand for itself within the Indian real estate industry. The company has transacted over 1 Million square feet across land, residential, commercial and retail properties. It provided advisory services on 30 real estate and development projects – providing solutions which delivered cost savings, profitability and long-term sustainability.

The Story behind

During his journey with Spaces N Beyond, Sanjeev realized that most small and medium property developers are extremely limited in their ability to reach their target clients effectively. Most small and medium developers depend on local word of mouth or on broker networks.
Even larger, well-funded developers spend considerable money on outdoor, radio and newspaper advertising without a clear measurable return on their investments.
The growth of digital devices – smart phones, tablets and laptops – and increasing use of digital and social media presents a unique opportunity to reach potential clients in a direct and personalized manner. In addition to generating leads and enquiries, digital marketing allows direct engagement with prospective clients to highlight unique features, solve queries and even close the deal.
Existing digital platforms are buyer/ renter centric and more focused on the Consumer to Consumer segment. Developers can list their new properties but struggle to make themselves visible amidst the clutter at an effective price point.
The need of the hour was a global, digital platform designed exclusively to deliver all digital and social marketing needs of builders and property developers.

And was born.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be the "global digital platform of choice for builders and property developers"

Salient Features

• End to End Digital Marketing
• Exclusive Property Showcase on
• Progress Visibility at site
• Integration with Builder Website, if available
• Integration with Social Media Platforms - Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Banner Ads What's App etc.
• Social Media Marketing to expand reach

Why choose ?

• Exclusive platform for builders and property developers
• Establish / Enhance brand awareness and presence
• Global visibility through a digital platform
• Buyer education
• Multiplier impact through effective social media marketing
• Qualified lead and enquiry generation in a cost-effective manner
• Flexible, customized service packages to meet the requirement of big and small developers